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Bad Blood

OVERVIEW Have you ever had a great relationship go bad or a bad relationship that got even worse? What if there was a way to make all your relationships better in just a few simple steps? Check out these secrets to finding peace about a difficult relationship even...

Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith

OVERVIEW Your faith matters to God, because trust is the foundation for any healthy relationship. That’s why God’s committed to helping you develop big faith. Imagine how different you would view life if you had absolute confidence that God was with and for you? Part...

Who Needs God

OVERVIEW People are migrating away from religion at an unprecedented rate, and religion is now seen as the problem not the solution. Who needs God? Perhaps no one. Perhaps everyone. Perhaps we should talk about it? Part 1 - Alternative Thinking Part 2 - Gods of the No...


OVERVIEW We want to be a church people in church love to attend. In order to do that, we must be a church that engages with not separates from our community. We need to be a church full of people passionate about leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus...

Breathing Room

OVERVIEW Our lives are busy and fast-paced. The lack of margin increases our stress and shortens our tempers. It can distract us from the most important things in our lives, and our relationships suffer. It can even affect our relationship with God because there's a...

Helping the Next Gen Win

OVERVIEW The Greatest Generation. Baby Boomers. Generation X. Millennials. Generation Z. Each generation is distinct from those that came before and those that come after. They have different priorities and different experiences. They see the world differently. It’s...

Bottom of the Ninth

When you feel down and out, you may be down, but you’re never out. There is still hope. Sure, you may be behind, but setbacks are setups for a comeback. In this series with Matt Johnson, you’ll discover what to do when you face impossible bottom of the ninth moments.

Easter 2017

OVERVIEW On Easter, we don't celebrate a collection of teachings. We don't celebrate an idea. We celebrate an event in history that changed history. In this message we'll explore why we can have confidence this event actually occurred. Beginning Again visit...

This Is What We Do

OVERVIEW Over the years, the message of Jesus has often been made resistible by the messengers. But the responsibility of every church is to make sure people know they have a Heavenly Father who is for them and loves them. In this message, Matt Johnson explains how a...

Honest to God

OVERVIEW When was the last time you were just a “little” dishonest? Maybe you called in “sick” to stay home and watch the NCAA Sweet Sixteen. Or maybe when customs asks if you have anything to declare, you “forget” to mention the fresh fruit. Most of us are mostly...

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